Savana Range

Savana range of carbonated soft drinks come in four variants: Orange, Lemon, Pineapple, Apple and Soda water. Euro Global acquired the Savana brand in October 2011 in order to cater to the carbonated soft drinks segment. The company further rejuvenated the brand by investing in a new pet line and new design for its re-introduction into the market via new 50cl pet bottles. This brand is also available in 33cl cans.

Czar Vodka 75cl + 12cl

The Czar Vodka 75cl pack, was launched into the Nigerian market in October 2011.
The premium brand, born of an equally pristine primary ingredient which has been distilled four times, triple filtered twice to make it as ‘PURE’ as vodka can be; thus giving the brand a distinctive soft and smooth clean taste which makes it everyone’s perfect mixer.

Amphora WinesFrom the stables come the red and white Amphora wines. Our premium wines are the result of renowned experience and diversified agro- business, which has always been committed to quality. Amphora wines are an important aspect in cuisine not just for its value as a beverage but as a flavor agent as its acidity lends balance to rich dishes…..and as they say: ‘Drink to your heart. The wines presently come in 75cl glass bottles while smaller sizes of 37.5cl and 25cl will be launched in due course.

SeakingSeaking Premium Schnapps is a testimony to the company’s premium heritage; a toast to Schanapps drinkers all over the world. Our premium Schnapps comes in 3 sizes; 75cl & 37.5cl bottles & 3cl sachet. This clear spirit launched in 2008 is made from hundreds of healthy herbs, and always appropriate as an aperitif, an after-dinner drink or simply when you feel like it but most importantly in appreciation of our tradition which lifts the spirits.

Gin lovers truly enjoy this premium extra dry gin which comes in different pack sizes; 75cl bottle, 20cl bottles, 12cl pet bottle and 3cl sachet. Sabrina which was developed in 2008 is the fastest selling brand as of date. Using the finest natural flavouring ingredients which results in a unique blend, tripled-distilled, clear, crisp, strong with a smooth compelling taste, perfectly taken alone as a cocktail.

Brave Heart Rum is a rich dark golden amber liquor blend that was introduced into the market in 2009. Brave Heart comes in these pack sizes; 75cl bottle, 20cl bottle, 12cl pet bottle, and 3cl sachet. It is meant for tough men who wish to dominate their zones because they know…’it is time to conquer’.

blue.phpBlue Lagoon Dry Gin is a well-blended crystal liquor that comes in beautifully designed unique bespoke 85ml bottle whose sky-blue pristine colour attracts even the the casual drinker to enjoy some exciting sips of its rich, mellow blend at every opportunity.

productPower Bitters is made from carefully selected exotic herb extracts, fruit flavours and specially demineralized water and alcohol to produce an exclusive blend that leaves the drinker with a special taste that only Power Bitters offers. Some of the ingredients are natural anti-oxidants that support healthy living. Power Bitters is Nigeria’s premium and highly exciting spirit-mixed drink. Loyal drinkers have since averred that Power Bitters is absolutely like no other.