A career at Euro Global can be very rewarding, especially to the hardworking and creative employee. To the diligent, a career with us sets the pace for personal development. We believe that in every growing organization, human resources play a most prominent role and must therefore be taken care of. As our business grows, so does our care for our people.

<strong>WHERE WOULD YOU FIT IN.</strong>

At Euro Global, each of our departments and units has been designed to make our employees actualize their dreams. Whether you are interested in working with our technology-driven team in the laboratories or would prefer to join one of our finance, human resources or marketing teams, we have provided a system that will encourage you to put your best for the company while also developing yourself for greater rewarding challenges of the future.  Your career with us has only one progressive direction – Upward!


Euro Global offers internship opportunities to students with a desire to learn and contribute their quota to our vision. Placements in any of our departments range from 3 months to one year. While we encourage our interns to be focused as we give them hands-on experience, we also challenge them to be bold and adventurous in their thoughts and ideas. We allow them to come up with new concepts and challenge the status quo. Our system allows for free flow of ideas, by so doing, we build their confidence and also build their abilities.

We offer internships in Marketing, Research & Development, Human Resources and Finance. Join us
today and experience our world of possibilities.


We understand that everyone is unique, with different skills, personalities and aspirations. We value these differences as they challenge our thinking. However, there are certain characteristics that we look out for when selecting people to join us and that will enable a long and successful career at Euro Global.

A clear focus on results.
Being prepared to go the extra mile to achieve and exceed your goals and take full personal accountability for delivering results within a complex and fast-changing environment.

An innovative, entrepreneurial outlook.
Being willing and able to challenge the status quo, moving out of your comfort zone and championing new ideas.

Great relationship-building skills
Possessing the ability to forge and make best use of long-lasting collaborative partnerships throughout the organisation.

Integrity and ethics
We welcome people with values such as integrity and respect for self and others. These same attributes we expect to be extended to every customer and business partner.

Commercial aptitude
Understanding how each and every decision you make has an impact on the success of the business.

Taking accountability for your actions and expect the buck to stop with you. Being determined to make a difference regardless of the challenges you face.

So, do you think you have some, or all, of these characteristics? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you may well have what it takes to join us.

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